Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Christian Suga Mama

What is a Christian Suga Mama you may ask,

well she's the woman of God ready to complete her task.

She helps out good people in a Godly way,

and stayed prayed up to face the day.

In his Kingdom she has riches and gold,

because on this earth she has done what was told.

She is humble at heart and tries to stay away from sin.

She's not going to do anything to sabbotage her blessings.

A Christian Suga Mama is not easy to be,

you have to put on your whole armour of God and walk pass your border bullies.

No weapon formed against her will ever prosper.

She has the Lords work to do and no one's going to stop her.

For the hurt, the pain, the blame and the shame.

She is blessed 10 folds and its all in his name.

A Christian Suga Mama will give up her money, resources or time,

to do the Lords work at the drop of a dime.

So women please join me in this battle so it can be won,

for it is the Lords will that needs to be done.

May the Lord add a blessing to this poem. Amen!

Written by Shawonne